TrustVerse(TRV) White Paper 2.0

Hello, this is Trustverse Team.

On August 25, 2022, TrustVerse project released version 2.0 White Paper. TrustVerse will be pivoting into critical milestones which technology advancement of existing and new product launch will be executed.

Here’s what’s been updated:

  1. MainNet | Transitioning from R3 to Polygon chain to offer much more scalable service offers (MasterKey API, MasterKey DApp etc. and MarS support)
  2. MarS | Offer NFT feature and AERGO and other protocol support
  3. MasterKey | Offer scalable legacy inheritance(Multi-party asset allocation) / planning as additional institutional feature / Free of charge service
  4. DeFi / NFT / GameFi | integration of services
  5. digifinance | provides simplified access to curated crypto investments and the exponential growth potential of this new global asset class

More details can be found in the white paper through the link below.

TrustVerse White Paper 2.0

Thank you.



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