TrustVerse(TRV) listed on Changelly Pro / Airdrop Event

Changelly Pro TRV/BTC and TRV/USDT Listing

Hello. This is TrustVerse Team. TrustVerse announced that Changelly Pro has listed TRV/BTC and TRV/USDT trading pair and holders will be able to deposit their tokens on the exchange from on November, 18 14:00 (UTC). Changelly is a non-custodial instant cryptocurrency exchange that provides access to over 130 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin SV, and acts as an intermediary between users and cryptocurrency exchanges.

👉 Go to Changelly Pro👈

TRV/BTC on Changelly Pro

TRV/USDT on Changelly Pro

Changelly X TrustVerse Airdrop Event 💰

With this listing on the Changelly Pro, an airdrop event related to the use of MasterKey, our digital asset security solution, will be held. We plan to select the people’s experiences of those who have experienced the loss of digital assets and support them to use MasterKey service by providing a certain amount of TRV. The event will be posted on Changelly Blog in the end of November.

MasterKey Homepage Renewal

In addition, MasterKey strengthened the MasterKey brand image by rebranding and reorganizing the homepage information. A more user-friendly service guide is provided through the website to help users understand how to use the solution and technically understand it. You can find more detailed introductions and technical descriptions of the service through MasterKey blog.

📃 TrustVerse Offical Channel​

DigiFinance Homepage

TrustVerse Homapage


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All in one Digital Asset Solution, TrustVerse. MasterKey, JUPITER and more. Visit:

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