TrustVerse Roadmap 2022: Next New Level in Digital Asse Security & Wealth Management

TrustVerse Roadmap 2022 English Version
  • MasterKey will be offered to multi-million user wallet DAO (Soon will be announced)
  • MasterKey to adopt Polygon Chain
  • Supports Enterprise-grade API to support trust, insurance, and enterprise customers
  • Integrates inheritance and legacy function as digital wealth management
  • NFT Bank (Supports game, music, sports entertainment NFTs)
  • Every month TRV will be repurchased back by the company with the performance of its quantitative trading engine and algorithm (Demand pool)
  • TRV will be offered on partnered DEX (with new pair)
  • TRV token to be used as fee model for consumption service, such as MasterKey
  • TRV liquidity pool
  • List on top-tier exchange
  • Global ecosystem for TRV (expand outside of S. Korea)
  • Announcement for NFT partnership (Game, Sports Entertainment and etc.)
  • MasterKey wallet DAO Partnership
  • Digital asset exchange partnership
  • DEX partnership and TRV listing
  • Node Validator Partnership



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