TrustVerse Partners with ExSports to Protect NFT Assets and Expand to GameFi and Digital Collectibles

TrustVerse ( and ExSports ( has formed a parterhip to strengthen the digital security for NFT and digital collectibles. MoU outlines the relative intentions of both EX Sports Pte. Ltd. (EXSports DMCC) and TrustVerse to engage in a technology development advisory role and partnership for educating on NFT asset protection and wallet in the digital platform under the principles of mutual understanding, mutual benefits, common interest, shared goals and mutually complementary activities. As a strategic investor and advisor to ExSports, Trustverse founder & CEO, Michael Kiook Jeoung will actively contribute to both companies’ relationship to strengthen across Asia, and Middle East.

ExSports (EXS) offers NFT on Binance Platform as sports digital collectibles.

  • Advise EX Sports Team with regards to blockchain technology development for the duration of two(2) years after the signing of this memorandum. This exclusive relationship will be automatically renewed on a yearly basis. Both parties can cancel the exclusive relationship by informing the other party in writing at least 90 days before the automatic renewal date.
  • Develop strategic announcements between Ex Sports and Trustverse on products and services mutually benefiting the undertaking projects.
  • The ExSports marketplace platform will create a system that will reward collectors, fans and sports federations with the aim to increase fan engagement, attendance and attract new fans and sponsors to the sport.
  • Give EX Sports and Trustverse the rights to mutually use their brand name and logos for promotions and strategic marketing activities in conjunction with the development of the platform mentioned above.



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