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; (Changelly Pro TRV/BTC and TRV/USDT Listing, JUPITER iOS version launching)

Hello, this is TrustVerse.

TrustVerse, based on financial AI and blockchain, offers a variety of financial solutions and services for the digital asset class and wealth management. In this regard, we are collaborating with major financial and global companies. TrustVerse runs various services including digital wallet, gift and inheritance, and digital asset analysis services.

TrustVerse is an official partner with Samsung Blockchain, R3, KOSCOM and UNESCO to implement and provide applications. TrustVerse is R3’s Tier-1 member for the CBDC committee.

TrustVerse’s 3 Major Services

MasterKey: a digital asset protection and recovery service

MarS Wallet: a crypto wallet with QR code payment function

Jupiter: a digital asset analyzing and market predicting service

TrustVerse is concentrating on completing various service developments, entering market places, service alliances, and upgrading services to make the best wrap up the year of 2021.

Let’s check out what happened in November below

Listed on Changelly Pro exchange, November 18th (Thursday)

Changelly Pro has listed TRV/BTC and TRV/USDT trading pairs on November 18th 14:00 (UTC).

Changelly is a non-custodial instant cryptocurrency exchange that provides access to over 130 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin SV, and acts as an intermediary between users and cryptocurrency exchanges. As of November 27(coinmarketcap), TrustVerse provided 107 cryptocurrency transactions with a 24-hour trading volume of $2,364,600 USD.

Trade TrustVerse(TRV) in Changelly Pro: TRV/BTCTRV/USDT

Also, we plan to hold an event related to the MasterKey service through the Changelly blog. We are going to select the stories of those who have actually experienced the loss of virtual assets and provide the MasterKey service voucher to those selected.

Jupiter IOS Launch Celebration App Download Event

Jupiter is one of the TrustVerse utility services. By combining AI and distributed ledger technology, it provides high-quality investment information such as cryptocurrency market status, digital asset forecast, daily reports, and cryptocurrency news at a glance.

Currently, Jupiter is available on Android / IOS. The app download event is being held to celebrate the launch of IOS, so please participate today. For details on how to participate and the event details, please refer to the following.

📣 EVENT. Jupiter App Download Airdrop Event

Event Period: November 23rd 2021 — December 5th 2021 (GMT +9)
Winners: total 13 people ($600 worth of TRV)

💁‍♀️ Friend Referral
1st — $150 worth of TRV
2nd — $100 worth of TRV
3rd — $50 worth of TRV

🙆‍♂️ Referred Friend
$20 worth of TRV(10 random people)

Terms of participation: None (both existing users and new users can participate)

How to participate in the event:
1. Download Jupiter through Android/IOS
2. Share the event page with your friends. COPY LINK
3. When your friend signs up for the Jupiter app, ask them to enter your ID (email) into the referral code. (Please note that Kakao and Apple social logins cannot enter the referral code.)
4. Fill out the form and submit the ERC-20 address where you can receive the TRV token.


Do not miss the opportunity to participate in the Jupiter Download Airdrop event and receive various benefits!

MarS Wallet DeFi service support plan

Mars Wallet is a digital wallet that supports ERC20-based token storage. It is linked with MasterKey, our wallet security service, so you can immediately store/secure your private key without entering the seed phrase. It adds security and stability by enabling payment with tokens in the MarS even when recovering the wallet.
Also, MarS Wallet has a plan to maximize the convenience and efficiency of token and NFT transactions through in-app Wallet Connect (DeFi-Wallet Connect). We want to increase the scalability of the DeFi service and NFT Marketplace service beyond simple storage.

You can find more information about the TrustVerse token service utility on the TRV website. Please check it out

In addition, more information on the Trustbus Token Service Utility is on the TRV website, so please check it out TRV WEBSITE

MasterKey Digital Assets Security Service Introduction and Website Renewal

MasterKey strengthened its brand image through overall website renewal and focused on promoting solution usage and technical understanding by providing more user-friendly services.

We would like to share a detailed introduction and technical explanation of the service through the Changelly blog, explaining why mnemonic key security is so important and how MasterKey can help.

We’re rewarding an annual subscription of MasterKey to 5 people who have experienced their mnemonic key loss. For more details, go check on Changelly blog:

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