TrustVerse and AEGRO signs MOA

Hi, this is TrustVerse

TrustVerse has officially announced signed an MOA with AERGO, an open source-based hybrid blockchain platform, on September 2rd and plan to use TrustVerse digital wallet, MarS Wallet, as the representative 3rd party wallet of Aergo mainnet.

MarS Wallet, a digital financial service of TrustVerse, is a digital wallet that provides storage, sending, and receiving of ERC-20-based tokens, and currently supports both Android and IOS versions. Through this MOA, Aergo will use MarS Wallet as Aergo's representative 3rd party wallet, which will help increase the usability and flexibility of its blockchain ecosystem. For specific usability, TrustVerse is reviewing the addition of Aergo ERC20 token, Aergo mainnet coin, and Aergo mainnet NFT asset storage, transfer, and viewing functions.

About company


TrustVerse (DigiFinance) is a global IT financial solutions company headquartered in Singapore. It provides digital asset management solutions from various angles based on AI artificial intelligence and block chain, which are core technologies, and is proud of its stronger technology through partnership with R3. Its main services include digital wallet MarS Wallet, digital asset security app MasterKey, and digital asset market analysis app Jupiter. In addition, TrustVerse is promoting assetization services for digital music copyrights and is rapidly establishing itself as a total digital financial service.


AERGO is developing an open-source-based hybrid blockchain platform and is aiming for a decentralized ecosystem built around a public blockchain platform with fast performance, stability, and ease of use. We aim to develop technologies that enable companies to easily develop and operate DApps in public infrastructure by providing development-friendly environments and solutions.




All in one Digital Asset Solution, TrustVerse. MasterKey, JUPITER and more. Visit:

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All in one Digital Asset Solution, TrustVerse. MasterKey, JUPITER and more. Visit:

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