New partnership: TrustVerse X Metadium MOU

Hello, this is TrustVerse.

TrustVerse announced on June 9 that it had signed an MOU with Metadium, a blockchain-based identity authentication protocol company, for joint projects related to blockchain-based services.

According to this business agreement, TrustVerse will participate as Metadium’s Node Validator, contributing to the scalability of the protocol ecosystem. In addition, it aims to expand the base of practical services and achieve global expansion based on the use of TrustVerse’s global partnership and Metadium’s blockchain technology know-how.

TrustVerse is in the stage of upgrading its digital asset security solution, MasterKey, and services for the comprehensive operation and management of digital assets, and is spurring preparations for its service to enter the global market, centering on Singapore, its headquarters. MasterKey service completed the registration of the ‘lost key restoration system (№10–2377987)’, a key technology patent, for the first time in Korea on March 18, 2022.

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