MasterKey2.0, Private key, and multi-wallet management on Polygon is free to access

2 min readNov 29, 2022

Hello, this is TrustVerse.

MasterKey 2.0 has been released to protect crypto assets and private keys, and now it’s all free to use. The advantage is that it allows protection of wallet and crypto assets by securing private key in random incidents. Moreover, 3FA of personal authentication info can only be the access to protect and retrieve the private keys.

In particular, one can manage multiple wallets and private keys of various crypto assets at once. Only owners can utilize their personal information to manage the keys that allow them to access assets on the blockchain. All private keys protected by 3FA are algorithmically encrypted and kept segregated in secure storage in the Microsoft cloud. Restoration and Recovery follows the same procedure. It’s easy and convenient, but it also provides very strong encryption and a reliable cloud architecture. MasterKey’s encryption and algorithm services are provided as API to partner with B2B. It servers wallet provider and Defi exchanges.

You can access and download at:
Direct IOS Appstore
Direct Google Play Store

MasterKey 2.0, is offered by Digifinance Pte. Ltd. in Singapore. Digifinance aims to build the premier digital wealth technology platform offering holistic investment and security services across the full digital assets spectrum. The company has partnership with Samsung, UNESCO, R3, KOSCOM(Korea Exchange) and others, and has been awarded by Microsoft Startup.




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