Aergo Protocol Now available on TrustVerse, MarS Wallet

aergo X TrustVerse

TrustVerse, the blockchain technology business arm of Digifinance, has officially announced a strategic partnership to support Aergo, an open-source hybrid blockchain platform on its solutions. Through this partnership, various virtual assets, including non-fungible tokens (NFT) based on the Aergo mainnet, will be additionally supported in Mars Wallet.

MarS Wallet with aergo mainnet added

Mars Wallet( is a crypto & NFT wallet that can be logged in simply with Kakao and Google accounts. In particular, it differentiates with many other wallets in way that it connects with MasterKey which provides self-custodian private key protection/recovery service via 3FA information (name/date of birth, email, mobile phone). The advantage is that individuals can safely protect their assets on blockchain and cloud as a non-custodial type.

Michael Jeoung, CEO of Trustverse, said, “As Aergo protocol is now supported on MarS wallet, Aergo global users can access and manage not only the crypto assets but NFTs more intuitive way. Additionally support of MasterKey, private key protection service will add security to its ecosystem. We will continue to collaborate,” he said.

Regarding this partnership, Aergo CISO Hochul Seok said, “Aergo is working hard to expand user participation by submitting governance proposals to encourage participation in on-chain activities, including staking and voting.” We are pleased that main-net based native assets can be accessed securely in various domains.”

MarS Wallet



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