2019 TrustVerse Insight Summit

4 min readJun 20, 2019

TrustVerse held Insight Summit on June 16th, 2019 in Seoul, South Korea.

TrustVerse’s CEO-Michael Jeoung started off summit by welcoming everyone for some exciting announcements.

Microsoft’s National Technology Officer-Russell Craig was a special guest and a first keynote speaker. Russell started off his presentation by appreciating his friendship with Michael. Russell covered many topics during the presentation. He explained the benefits of moving from intermediaries and manual verification methods to a Blockchain network. Russell then explained about the difficulties of building Blockchain networks from scratch. Russell also showcased Microsoft’s Azure Cloud and explained how it helps developers to meet each need such as building/extending the application, modeling smart contracts, and launching/managing the network. Russell concluded his presentation with recent endorsements of Microsoft’s Blockchain by Umar Farooq (J.P Morgan’s Global Head of Blockchain) and Vitalik Buterin (Co-founder of Ethereum).

Russell Craig while presenting

TrustVerse uses Microsoft’s Azure Cloud to make many of its services possible. Azure is a cloud computing service created by Microsoft for building, testing, deploying, and managing applications and services through Microsoft-managed data centers. TrustVerse chose Azure for number of reasons. For example, Azure gives stronger and faster PaaS capabilities which is important part of Cloud infrastructure. Also, Azure is based on Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) which is an industry’s major assurance process. It contains security at its base as well as private data and all the services stay protected while they are on Azure Cloud.

Hulu’s Senior Director-Michael Tsang was another special guest and a keynote speaker. Michael Tsang explained about state of the cloud services and recent trends in Asia Pacific region. Hybrid multi-clouds, which means using both private and more than one public clouds, are becoming more and more popular. He also talked about what tools people use when managing clouds in terms of “containers”. Container is a technology where one can put applications such as databases into a container and that container can instantly run it without needing to configure it. Last part of Michael Tsang’s presentation was about mega trends in Asia-Pacific and he supported his speech by using data from well-known analyst firm “IDC”.

Michael Tsang while presenting

TrustVerse’s services will be mostly based on cloud services (Azure Cloud). That is why TrustVerse invited an expert in this field to showcase how cloud services work.

After keynote speeches, CEO Michael talked about current trends in the market and explained in a great detail about TrustVerse’s future services such as Jupiter (Digital Asset Analytics), Mars (Digital Asset Pay Wallet), and Nova (Lost-Proof/Assurance). Azure Cloud operates Jupiter’s core engine and mobile server.

Michael also introduced and showcased a new service “Pluto” which will be a Digital Wealth Management Solution. Pluto service will be available on a website, where the convergence of private to public logic and its DB (database) files stored in Microsoft Azure Cloud. TrustVerse will announce this service in near future.

Michael Jeoung while presenting

Michael stated that he is proud of overall progress which TrustVerse has shown since last December. He was very enthusiastic about Mars, Jupiter, and Pluto which will be soon launched. Finally, Michael announced that TrustVerse’s TRV Token will be soon listed on a global exchange.

The final part of conference was about TrustVerse’s Business Roadmap and Token Economics presented by TrustVerse’s Global Strategy and Compliance — Director, Jayden Song. Jayden started off by mentioning all the milestones of TrustVerse and its business roadmap all the way to first quarter of 2020. Jayden also mentioned key activities that align with the business strategy.

Jayden Song while presenting

Next, Jayden talked about how TrustVerse’s token “TRV” will be utilized and used on services that TrustVerse provides. Since managing and utilizing TRV tokens are also important aspects of business, he mentioned that TrustVerse works hard to be in compliance with pre-requisites. TrustVerse considers many different factors that might impact the token values in the future. Jayden has also mentioned that, to be listed on exchanges, information such as trade volume and user penetration must be carefully considered. TrustVerse is carefully considering all the options and will announce next exchange listings in near future.

Jayden showed his gratitude to everyone who attended the conference and thanked everyone who continuously supports TrustVerse and shares its vision.

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