Trustverse ( has completed iOS development for Apple (iOS) smartphone users and received final approval from the Apple App Store team. It is now released the iOS versions of MarS and MasterKey on August 11th.👏👏

MarS is a crypto asset digital wallet that can safely manage Bitcoin and ERC-20 based tokens, supporting QR-based wallet payments. Recently, Trustverse has been developing a service that provides integration between DeFi token wallets so that the wallet for OpenSea, an NFT marketplace, can be linked and used with MarS Wallet. Initially, users needed to install Metamask on the browser separately to be able to…

In early August, MasterKey and Mars Wallet will be released in IOS version! 👏👏 This is a good news for those who have been waiting so long.

Pre-sign up now and wait for the MasterKey and MarS wallet launch in early August!

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MasterKey, private key protection service for all crypto, digital asset, and wallet

Have you ever had an experience not being able to retrieve your mnemonic key(Private Key) after failing to access your wallet not remembering your password or pin code? or your mobile wallet has been stolen/lost but you don’t remember where you have written down your mnemonic key?

“My dogecoin (DOGE) is sky-rocketing! Wait, I don’t remember my wallet password or mnemonic (PANIC mode), it’s been awhile”

There has been numerous incidents where “Lost Passwords Lock Millionaires Out of Their Bitcoin Fortunes” according to The New York Times. In this incident, the password will let him unlock a small hard drive…

Jupiter, digital asset analysis service, which was released in July 2019, has been recently upgraded to version 2. The service is scheduled to be released on April 30th, 2021.

Big update has been reflected on the advancement of AI-based prediction algorithm expressed in form of weather forecast and the big improvement of UI/UX.

Monthly report includes not only existing cryptocurrency market, but also DeFi/NFT contents are included.

App is available in Samsumg Galaxy Store:

Zangle Disclosure:

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Scope of Partnership

  • Enterprise related blockchain technical solution build using private chain and cross-chain
  • NFT(Non-fungible Token) related services/marketplace development and DEX(Decentralized Exchange) development to further expand available services to the market.
  • TrustVerse to support PixelPlex’s technical advisory support, blockchain consulting, software development, modification, design, implementation, support, maintenance, testing and other operation to any potential client in Asia-Pacific.

PixelPlex (

PixelPlex is a company with rich history, talented experts, strong team spirit and high moral values. Each representative of our staff contributes to PixelPlex legacy and long history of supporting innovation and developing outstanding products.

PixelPlex encourages inclusion and diversity. Team members feel supported…

Many heard the crazy story of James Howells who accidentally threw away a hard drive with 7,500 bitcoin codes back in 2013.

Since the ownership of cryptocurrency is determined by whoever holding the private keys to digital assets, losing this information could means losing everything.

Because of this, digital assets holders take all precautions. Although, there seem to be no single best solution. Storing codes on the cloud is convenient, but not safe from hackers. That is why many digital assets holders use hardware wallets like USB sticks, hard drives, and phones. Since nearly everyone carries a phone device, storing digital assets on it became widespread. To access the wallet, user needs to have PIN number or Mnemonic Phrase.

The Singapore Business Federation (SBF) is the apex business chamber championing the interests of the Singapore business community in the areas of trade, investment and industrial relations. It represents 27,200 companies, as well as key local and foreign business chambers.

In July 2001, the Minister for Trade and Industry introduced a Bill in Parliament to establish the SBF Act, which was passed by Parliament and became law on 5 Oct 2001. The Federation was then established on 1 April 2002, with the aim of representing the business community’s interests both locally and overseas. Under the SBF Act, all Singapore-registered…

Technology Milestone: NFT, DeFi Financial Security Feature Add-on, 3rd Party Wallet Support via MasterKey

MasterKey version 0.1.1G is now officially available on Google Play Store and 0.1.1S on Samsung Galaxy Store. New feature set has been added to secure NFT (Non-fungible Token) supported wallet.

NFT and DeFi services, which have recently exploded with users, operate on a blockchain network and are decentralized solutions, which further emphasizes the user’s responsibility in managing private keys.

◼ New Add-on feature allows mnemonics from 12 to 36 words so that all decentralized wallet mnemonics can be stored

◼ Solves fundamental security problems of users of all decentralized services which includes NFT

◼ Non-custodian service, which does not directly…

TrustVerse partners with Analytics Inc. to offer ‘Canvas’ marketplace

Canvas is a high-end secondhand watch bidding and trading platform backed by smart contract and blockchain technologies. It will also support NFT.

New marketplace initiative applies digital wallet, token, and bidding/consigned marketplace with a digital certificate of authenticity. It allows large amount and volume transaction.

Analytics Inc. is a business development and service company to offer ‘Canvas’ business, and TrustVerse (DigiFinance Pte. Ltd.) is a technology partner to offer blockchain related technologies. Both are affiliated companies under the same leadership.

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